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Each course addresses the unique challenges and opportunities of the modern educational landscape, enhancing your ability to engage students and foster critical skills for their success. Upon completing any course, you’ll receive a certificate of completion, marking your commitment to advancing educational excellence. Start transforming your teaching approach and classroom environment today with tools and insights that make a difference right away!

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Media Literacy 101

This course equips secondary teachers with the tools to foster critical media literacy among their students, preparing them for the challenges of navigating a media-saturated world.

By participating in this course, educators will learn how to engage students in analyzing and questioning the content they consume across digital, print, and broadcast media. The focus is on enabling students to understand the nuances of media messages and their impact, thereby empowering a new generation to become informed, reflective, and responsible media consumers through effective classroom strategies.

Kick Start Writing Instruction 

This is a comprehensive professional development course crafted for secondary teachers aiming to advance their students’ writing abilities.

It provides educators with innovative strategies and tools for motivating students to create impactful, research-driven compositions. Teachers will gain insights into fostering critical thinking and writing, enabling students to express their thoughts clearly and persuasively in diverse nonfiction contexts. Our standards-aligned approach focuses on nonfiction writing, preparing students for real world communication.

New Rules for  Student Engagement 

Here are fresh strategies for capturing and maintaining student interest in today’s ever-challenging educational environment. 

This professional development course equips secondary educators with innovative strategies and digital tools to captivate and maintain student interest amidst the noise of the digital age. Teachers will learn to craft engaging, inclusive, and interactive learning experiences that not only draw students in but also encourage active participation and sustained engagement. Mastering these new engagement techniques empowers educators to create classrooms where learning triumphs over distractions, creating an environment wherein students are fully invested in their educational journey.

Ethical AI in Education 

A forward-thinking professional development course designed to prepare educators and administrators for ethically integrating artificial intelligence into their teaching practices.

This course explores the opportunities and challenges of AI technologies in the classroom, emphasizing the importance of using these tools responsibly to enhance educational outcomes without compromising ethical standards or student privacy. Participants will learn about ethics in AI, including transparency, fairness, and accountability, and how to apply these principles to create a positive, inclusive, and equitable learning environment. By the end of the course, teachers will be prepared to confidently navigate the evolving landscape of AI, ensuring that they can leverage technology to enhance their classroom experience.

Certificates of Completion

Upon completion of any course, you’ll receive a certificate of completion, showcasing your commitment to enhancing your teaching practice and fostering a positive, supportive, and engaging learning environment for your students. Join us to take the first step towards transforming your classroom into a space where learning meets creativity, curiosity, and critical thinking.

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