Partners & Supporters

Successful nonprofits require collaboration among a dedicated board, a passionate team, aligned partners, and generous supporters. Journalistic Learning Initiative (JLI) benefits from these vital relationships. JLI is grateful to the following partners and supporters. Through their collaboration and generosity, we are able to bring Journalistic Learning to students across the country.

Academic Partners

University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication

The SOJC is a community of media scholars and professionals dedicated to teaching, research, and creative projects that champion freedom of expression, dialogue, and democracy in service to future generations. Through undergraduate and graduate programs in media studies, journalism, public relations, and advertising, the school conducts research and crafts nonfiction stories on such critical and global subjects as the environment, diverse cultures, and international issues.

University of Oregon College of Education

The COE is a network of inclusive learning communities. COE research faculty and graduate students work together with school districts and agency partners to meet the needs of children and families nationwide. These partnerships give our students access to the diverse array of the best practices in education and human services, from a range of academic programs, from the research of nationally renowned faculty, and from our practicing professional partners in the field.

Distinguished Benefactors

Nancy and Dave Petrone


Anne Wojcicki Foundation
Tara Lynda Guber

Effective Communicators Course & Educator Fellowship

Black Student Magazine

2024 Student Voice Awards

Nonprofit Partners

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