Bring AI Career Exploration Technology to Your Students

JLI supports states and municipalities with career-connecting AI technology. In 2024, the State of Oregon officially adopted our AI tool, “Sassy” to help students explore career journeys.

Adopt our AI technology for your state or municipality today!

Promoting Career Exploration through Ethical AI

Ed Madison, PhD.

  • Professor at the University of Oregon
  • Education researcher and consultant
  • Author and public speaker
  • Seasoned media professional with over 30 years of distinguished work in journalism
  • Co-founder and Executive Director of the Journalistic Learning Initiative
  • Creator of JLI’s AI Solutions in partnership with Playlabs, Inc.
  • Funded and orchestrated the development of ethical AI tools for students, like Sassy.
β€œJLI’s AI-powered career exploration coaches like ‘Sassy’ support students in the daunting task of envisioning and acting upon their futures.”

– Ed Madison, PhD.

See Oregon’s “Sassy” AI Solution in the Classroom!

Sassy has been trained to help students explore career paths in specific to Oregon.

“[Sassy] was everything I hoped that it would be! Kids were super, super excited about how specific the results were. They started asking all sorts of great questions about different training options, how to get certified and what sort of salary ranges they could expect. It was really, really fun to see them get so excited about that process!”

– Zach Knapp at Vale Middle School, OR.

Bring Career-Exploring AI Tools to Students in Your State or Municipality Today

We would love to develop an AI tool that helps students discover the career paths specific to your area. Get in touch with Ed today to get started!

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