See what Journalistic Learning looks like in the classroom

Every book on writing says it: “show, don’t tell.” We took that advice—literally—and brought our cameras to classrooms where our JLI Educator Fellows were leading the Effective Communicators project. In these videos, you’ll see what Journalistic Learning looks like in middle- and high-school classrooms – engaged students investigating real issues in their own communities and turning what they’ve learned into effective pieces of writing. Along the way, they practice research, evaluating sources, interviewing, collaborating, and much more.

Journalistic Learning in action

JLI | High Desert Middle School
JLI | Ridgeline Montessori
JLI | Oregon City High School
JLI | George Middle School
JLI | Social Justice
JLI | River Grove Middle School
JLI | Avery 2019
JLI | Jake 2019
JLI | Kaden 2019
JLI | A Conversation With JLI Partner Instructor Steve Fleissner
JLI | What is the Journalistic Learning Initiative?
JLI | Discover the Journalistic Learning Initiative
JLI | Create with Confidence
JLI | Technology in the Classroom
JLI | Asking Deep Questions
JLI | The JLI Method
JLI | Interview Day 
JLI | Field Trip Day
JLI | Student Engagement
JLI | Collaboration in the Classroom
JLI | Research Skills
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