Check out these lessons to extend students’ learning on journalism topics including how to mindfully manage social media, write feature stories and op-eds, and build digital skills.

Extend the learning with these lessons

Apps and smartphones are part of our daily lives, and they aren’t going away. The Teaching Teens Social Media Mindfulness lesson is designed for educators who want to help their students use social media responsibly. The lesson can be implemented over a single day or two days and includes teacher prep materials, videos, reflection prompts for students (including a downloadable worksheet), resources for youth and educators, and open discussion guidelines.Leading up to the annual publication, participants engage with industry experts weekly and receive coaching in small groups from undergraduate students of journalism from the University of Oregon.

Extend the learning with these lessons

In the world of journalism, news stories cover recent events while feature stories typically focus on people, society, and culture. This free Feature Writing Resource Bundle, informed by the successful work of retired, longtime Palo Alto High School journalism teacher and JLI founder Esther Wojcicki, contains definitions, exercises, and writing tips designed to help 9th-12th-grade students develop a feature story from start to finish.

Digital Skills Workshop provides teachers and students with free learning modules that address core competencies for college- and career-readiness as outlined by the Common Core State Standards. This site comprises videos and lesson plans you can implement right away. The videos document actual classroom and field exercises where specific digital skills are introduced, explained, and demonstrated.

In preparation for Student Press Freedom Day 2021 (Feb. 26), veteran journalist Steven A. Holmes led a workshop for students giving them guidance on how to craft and pitch op-eds. ​

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