JLI’s Professional Development Series for Elementary School Educators

This series is designed to help you navigate the unique challenges of educating young learners in today’s digital and ever-evolving world. Each course consists of comprehensive one-hour sessions brimming with practical strategies ready for immediate classroom application.

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Media Literacy for Young Learners

Equips teachers with the tools to introduce elementary students to the world of media. You’ll learn how to teach them to critically evaluate content, understand the purpose behind media messages, and distinguish between various media types. This course aims to develop media-savvy individuals from a young age, promoting critical thinking and informed content consumption in a manner that’s engaging and age-appropriate.

Beginning Writing Workshop

Focuses on sparking a love for writing in young students. Educators will discover methods to inspire your students to start writing their own stories, reports, and descriptive pieces. You’ll learn techniques for making writing accessible and enjoyable, including the use of visual aids, storytelling prompts, and group writing activities, all designed to stimulate young imaginations and build writing confidence.

Engaging Young Minds

Tackles the challenge of capturing and maintaining young learners’ attention in an age of digital distractions. This course offers strategies for creating interactive and inclusive lessons that encourage active participation and curiosity. You’ll explore how to use storytelling, games, and digital tools to make learning more dynamic, ensuring that every student feels involved and invested in their education.

Introducing Ethical AI Concepts

Prepares educators to bring the concept of artificial intelligence into the elementary classroom in an understandable and thought-provoking way. This course covers how to discuss AI’s role in society, its benefits, and ethical considerations, using simple explanations and relatable examples. It aims to demystify technology for young students, encouraging responsible use and awareness of AI in their everyday lives.

Social Media Awareness for Kids

Provides educators with the resources to teach elementary students about navigating the digital world safely and responsibly. You’ll learn how to address the basics of online communication, privacy, and the importance of kindness in digital interactions. The course emphasizes creating a positive digital footprint and helping students understand the long-lasting effects of their online behavior, preparing them for a future of positive and informed digital citizenship.

Certificates of Completion

Upon completion of any course, you’ll receive a certificate of completion, showcasing your commitment to enhancing your teaching practice and fostering a positive, supportive, and engaging learning environment for your students. Join us to take the first step towards transforming your classroom into a space where learning meets creativity, curiosity, and critical thinking.

All Proceeds Go to Supporting JLI’s K-12 and After School Programs
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