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Try JLI’s AI powered writing coach, available to use for free. Murrow is a co-creation of JLI and Playlab Education, Inc. This resource is not designed to write stories for you, but it can offer suggestions to help you generate your own ideas and narrow in on a topic as well as offer feedback on your writing.

DISCLAIMER: Murrow is currently in its beta stage. While we want it to feel like there’s a legendary journalist by your side, giving you pointers on your investigative journey, it might be an imperfect experience. Furthermore, Murrow is designed strictly to help with news writing and is not optimized to advise you about other writing genres.

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Inspired by the Legendary Journalist

Edward Murrow was an acclaimed American journalist who advocated for truth during the McCarthy era, a period of time when political leaders spread fear as a strategy to expose suspected communists, ruining countless American lives in the process. Murrow’s principled push-back was instrumental in putting an end to the McCarthy movement. Today, his legacy lives on through Washington State University’s Edward R. Murrow College of Communication.

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