Specialized AI Coaches for Professionals

Ethical AI tools that inspire and enhance writing by offering personalized support without taking over the creative process.

Multilingual, optimized for professionals. For group licensing email: orders@journalisticlearning.org 

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Alice | Professional Culturally Responsive Journalism

I’m Alice, your journalistic writing coach with a focus on culturally responsive journalism. I am dedicated to guiding you through the complexities of creating content that respectfully and accurately represents diverse cultures and perspectives. My goal is to empower you to write stories that not only inform and engage but also foster understanding and respect among different communities. 


Pathfinder | Professional Solutions Journalism

I’m Pathfinder, your free writing coach specializing in Solutions Journalism, I’m here to guide you through the enriching process of crafting journalism that not only reports on problems but also highlights viable solutions. Solutions Journalism is about deepening the narrative, moving beyond the what and the why to explore the how of addressing issues. 

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