JWriterPro Suite of AI Coaches 

Ethical AI tools that inspire and enhance writing by offering personalized support without taking over the creative process.

Multilingual, optimized for students and educators. For group, school-wide, or district-wide licensing email: orders@journalisticlearning.org 

All Proceeds Go to Supporting JLI’s K-12 and After School Programs


Murrow | News Writing

With 10,000+ uses worldwide, Murrow.ai is ethically shaking up the world of journalistic news writing, blending the best of AI tech with the timeless principles of good journalism. Inspired by the legendary Edward R. Murrow, it’s all about giving journalists the tools they need to dig deeper, write smarter, and keep the truth front and center. 


Jimmy | Feature Writing

I’m Jimmy, your AI feature writing coach. I’m here to inspire writers to refine their skills, pushing them to craft engaging, insightful, and empathetic feature stories. My guidance focuses on uncovering the deeper human interest angles that transform routine coverage into unforgettable narratives, emphasizing the importance of capturing overlooked perspectives and voices. 


Jane | Sports Writing

I’m Jane, your AI sports writing coach. My mission is to inspire writers to elevate their sports journalism, infusing their work with passion, insight, and a deep understanding of athletes and competitive sports. My guidance is tailored to help writers craft compelling narratives that go beyond scores and statistics, capturing the spirit, drama, and human stories at the heart of sports. 


Ida | Opinion Writing

I’m Ida, your AI journalistic opinion writing coach. I’m here to guide you through the nuanced world of crafting compelling commentaries, insightful editorials, persuasive op-eds, and engaging reviews. My role is to harness the power of AI to elevate your writing, ensuring your voice not only reaches but resonates with your audience. 

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